Bank of America - Design System

At Bank of America, I contributed to the latest design language across the BofA brand. BOL was one of the first products to embrace BofA's newest Design System. I worked closely with system forum engineers and intake partners to request pattern libraries for charts, graphs, and tables while we redesign the BOL experience. The design system was built on InVison’s DSM. Over time, I contributed to building a component library participant and plan sponsor experience of BOL that aligned with the design system, ensuring consistency across iOS, aOS, and web applications.

Bank of America - Benefits OnLine®

Benefits OnLine® Mobile offers users Bank of America’s employer-sponsored benefit plans. With the Benefits OnLine® app, you can:

Manage your accounts

• Check your account balances, manage your accounts • View detailed holdings and check account history • Manage your investments and update contribution rates • View your Account Summary with interactive graphics • Request a loan, withdrawal or rollover

Access financial information

• Review U.S. & Global market data • Add securities to your device watchlist • Monitor major market securities

Personalize your experience

• Stay up to date with My To-Do List and Alert messages • Integrated Merrill investment account balances • Integrated Bank of America account balances displayed • Choose “online deliver” for statements and confirmations

John Hancock - Rebranding & Design System

John Hancock Retirement Planning Services, formerly known as New York Life Retirement Planning Services, partners with employers and their financial representatives to offer retirement services. The company was merged during a redesign project between 2014 and 2015 and implemented new branding strategies towards the end of the redesign project.

New York Life - MyLifeNow

MyLifeNow is a web-based application that the New York Life RPS had on iOS and Android platforms in the form of a hybrid mobile app. It is now a part of John Hancock Retirement Planning Services. I was tasked with being part of the design team for this app.

The Problem

RPS had several calculators on the MyLifeNow project. Some of the calculators were duplicate and were placed on different pages. Working closely with CA and PA teams helped to prioritize the target audience’s wants and needs for the app.

The Plan

One of the primary goals in this stage was to understand the requirements and brainstorm the idea behind the proposed UI refresh. This was the perfect opportunity for the team to have a second look at the UI redesign from a UX point of view. The main issues we faced were functional issues in the UI in mobile formats and an unintuitive interface.

The Process

Thanks to the insight we received from user research in the form of customer experience surveys, we were able to start the design iterations with a clear approach.From storyboards, to customer journeys, to validating the use cases, to multiple design iterations, the team worked closely with the end-users (a selected group) to test the product and its usability. The final prototype was presented and delivered to the development team along with the final style-guide. Please note: Development teams were in multiple locations – both in-house and off-shore.

MWBHC - Patient Scheduler

I was tasked with leading this project from both a research and usability perspective. Because of this, I spent several hours researching what MWBHC’s current hurdles were when it came to scheduling, invoicing, and maintaining service sheets for their providers. The main platform was primarily supported on web browsers through PCs, but providers and billing services needed optimization for tablet devices.

Volvo Product Catalog

I drove this project from conception to completion. I predominantly used Macromedia Flash/ActionScript, Macromedia Director, and CD authoring profile as my tools for this project. When the file was executed, it would play automatically on a CD that was inserted to the CD-ROM. The main objective of this project was to promote the 2004 S80 at Trade Shows.


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